The Massachusetts Wine and Cheese Trail

Dad & MA Governor 8-16-12
The Big Cheese with Governor Patrick

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, in order to promote locally made products from around Massachusetts, created a trail guide of some of the wine and cheese makers in the state. Thus the birth of the Massachusetts Wine and Cheese Trail was born. On August 16, 2012, Governor Deval Patrick announced at Hardwick Winery in Ware, MA, the expansion of the trail to 29 wineries and 18 cheese businesses.

And we were asked to participate!

There were six cheese makers and six wineries, plus a baker with breads, sandwiches, etc., participating in this event. Governor Patrick was there with the heads of the Agricultural and Tourism Departments, spending as much time as he could with each local producer. He knows Berkshire Blue Cheese from Rouge (a restaurant) in West Stockbridge, which he frequents. And he congratulated the Big Cheese on making such a fine product. Nice man!

Here's a PDF map of the Trail. We're listed first in Western MA!

And check out the MassGrown site for more information and to learn about all of the great agricultural offerings Massachusetts has!